I’m back!! :) wooo ! haha my poor nubby index
finger has had some trauma recently, but it’s
finally a lot lot betterr !! :D :D

*These nails are a recreation of some I saw online here


Base & Top Polish
Pink Polish
Sparkle Polish
White Polish
Black Polish
Thin brush or toothpick

How To:

*Always start by painting your nails with the base polish.This keeps nails healthy and strong, and also allows paint to be removed  off cleanly and completely.

= The first step is to paint your thumb, index, middle and pinky fingers with the pink polish. Instead of painting the ring finger pink, paint it white!

=After this dries, paint a diagonal line of white down the middle finger, so that half is white and half is pink as shown. For the rest of the fingers, paint the sparkle polish over the pink.

=Using a thin brush or toothpick, paint thin, black zebra stripes ontop of the white polish on your middle and ring fingers. Try to copy a pattern online (like this).

=When the stripes are dry, carefully paint a small pink heart in the center of your ring fingernail. Outline with black, and cover with sparkles!

=Let dry completely before you cover with a top polish. This allows it to stay on longer without chipping and makes it super shiny!