Base/Top Polish
Light Pink Polish
White Polish
a smidge of Black Polish
a toothpick

How To:

*Always start by painting your nails with the base polish. This keeps nails healthy and strong, and also allows paint to be removed  off cleanly and completely.

=Next, paint your nails completely with the light pink polish!

=Then after that dries, take a toothpick and the white polish. To make the dog on your ring finger, start with three small dots that connect (For the snout). Another way to do it is to make a short line, then dot the bottom/middle. Move up to the top of the head by making a connecting line larger than the bottom- the head and the ears.

=Go back with a black polish and toothpick to dot on teensy eyes and a nose!

=For the bones, use a toothpick and white polish. Shape a small Y, then add two more lines to the bottom. Simple!

=Let dry completely before you cover with a top polish. This allows it to stay on longer without chipping and makes it super shiny!