Update that old French Tip for spring!


Base & Top Polish
Bright/Neon Pink Polish
White Polish
A toothpick

How To:

*Always start by painting your nails with the base polish. This keeps nails healthy and strong, and also allows paint to be removed  off cleanly and completely.

=Next, simply paint your nails with the bright or neon pink you have chosen. This bright pink is an fun update to that played-out dull pink, and is perfect to welcome in spring!

=The next step requires patience and time. I recommend doing this BEFORE you cut your nails, because it is hard to make the white tips the same thickness. If you have a thin white polish brush, use that, but it can be done with a toothpick as well.

=Slowly, run the white polish on the toothpick along the top of your nail. You can always go back and touch up any mistakes. Go slow! Do this on all of your nails, and try to make the white an even thickness.

=If it doesn’t come out even though, like I suggested before, wait until your nails dry and clip them shorter. That way the white may be more even. (:

=Let dry completely before you cover with a top polish. This allows it to stay on longer without chipping and makes it super shiny! The white will probably chip a lot more easily than usual polish, so try to put extra top coat over the white especially. Make sure it is dry first though!