somewhat racing stripes?


Base & Top Polish
Bright yellow polish
Black Polish
A Toothpick


*Always start by painting your nails with the base polish. This keeps nails healthy and strong, and also allows paint to be removed  off cleanly and completely.

=Completely paint your nails with the bright yellow. It is a very light color, so you’ll need 2-3 coats.

=Next, form a black line down one side of your nail, off center. This line should be thin, but thicker than the one you’ll do next. Use the toothpick to do this, and go slow for it to be straight!

=Using the same technique, paint a thinner black line in between your nail bed and the other stripe you just painted. The two stripes should be relatively close together. (:

=You can do this on all, or just one, of your nails… whatever you want!

=Let dry completely before you cover with a top polish. This allows it to stay on longer without chipping and makes it super shiny!