Base & Top Polish
White Polish
Blue Polish
Glitter Polish


How- To:

*Always start by painting your nails with the base polish. This keeps nails healthy and strong, and also allows paint to be removed  off cleanly and completely.

=When dry, paint glitter polish on half of your nail, closest to your cuticle. The simple part is, it doesn’t have to be exact or perfect because it is clear and we will be painting over it.

=When dry, paint white polish on the other half of your nail, closest to the tip. Make sure that you either overlap the glitter or get as close as you can to avoid bare spots.

=When dry, slowly paint a stripe of the blue over where the glitter and white paints meet. The key to neatness is slowness! It doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, but go slowly so that you have control of the brush.

=Let dry completely before you cover with a top polish. This allows it to stay on longer without chipping and makes it super shiny!